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Aerial Scattering of Cremated Remains

A Dignified Alternative


THE PHOENIX FLIGHT, located in Ventura County, California, is dedicated to aerial scattering of cremated remains for those wishing to arrange dignified memorial or funeral services. At THE PHOENIX FLIGHT, we understand that dignity and closure are important in creating memories of the deceased and our funeral flights involving aerial scattering are peaceful conclusions to saying goodbye to a loved one.

Many people make their wishes known about cremation, but frequently the issue of what to do with the cremated remains is unclear. Arial scattering is an alternative to traditional burial, burial at sea, or boat scattering. Some forms of scattering of remains may be illegal – that’s where THE PHOENIX FLIGHT can help and our beautiful California routes provide wonderful memories as you say goodbye to loved ones.


Family Memorial Scattering Flight Family Memorial Scattering Flight Military Honors Scattering Flight Military Funeral Scattering Flight Aerial Scattering - The Phoenix Flight Click the Video or Audio Clip to play.


THE PHOENIX FLIGHT is one of the few companies in the world dedicated to aerial scattering of cremated remains. We work with many professional funeral companies as well as directly with families, churches and care-giving organizations.



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